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4ever Flawless: Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

4ever flawless is here to be your premiere choice for semi permanent eyebrow makeup in Boulder, CO. 


4ever Flawless currently specializes in semi permanent eyebrow makeup practices such as: Microblading, Ombre Shading, and Combination Brows. We’re here to provide you with a look that you can, wake up with, go to sleep with, get active with, attract your crush with, and never have to think about. 


Life is to short to spend worrying about putting on your makeup. Let us use our skill, education, and tried and true semi permanent makeup methods to save you time so you can get to what matters most, living your best life and being a bad b****. 


Take your first step in your semi permanent makeup journey to get to your permanent lifestyle of being 4ever flawless. 

Click here to book a free consultation or scroll down to learn more about our permanent makeup options.  

Microblading examples before and after by Boulder, CO Microblader, Jessica Lamorie..jpeg
Microbladed eyebrows before and after by Boulder, CO Microblader Jessica Lamorie..jpeg
Examples of Permanant make-up..png
Eyebrow Shading Before and After by Boulder, CO Microblader, Jessica Lamorie.jpeg
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