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Ombre Shading

Microbladed eyebrows before and after by Boulder, CO Microblader Jessica Lamorie..jpeg
Eyebrow Shading Before and After by Boulder, CO Microblader, Jessica Lamorie.jpeg
Microblading examples before and after by Boulder, CO Microblader, Jessica Lamorie..jpeg

What is Ombre shading? 

Ombre shading (Ombre translating to, color that is shaded or graduated in tone, in French) also known as “eyebrow shading” or “powderbrows” is not Microblading.

Ombre shading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo using a digital machine, that gives the "filled in" look. Ombre shading can range from a soft powdery look to a more dense and bold “Instagram brow” look.

Who’s it for?

Ombre shading is better suited for those who have oilier skin or who like the look of brow make-up, but don't want to fill them in every day. 

Why choose Ombre shading? 

Ombre shading has the benefit of being for any age skin type, and any hair growth pattern. Maintenance is easier, and they last longer (2-3 years). Results do vary based on lifestyle, skin type, health, preferences ect… 

How do I proceed?


Click here to book free consultation with Jessica. 


Still have additional questions/concerns not addressed that you’d like to ask prior to setting up a consultation? Contact Jessica at

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