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Mikey Tatts

The Veteran

Mikey was born in Kansas City, Missouri and Raised in Jackson Tennessee. 

He began drawing as a kid. His mother directly inspired his artistic endeavors as she was an artist herself and earned a living doing so, from Painting, to airbrushing shirts, to even tattooing herself at Bears Den Tattoo, in Jackson Tennessee (Her husband’s/Mikey’s step father’s shop). Needless to say Mikey was debatably ordained to be a tattoo artist (or some type of artist) himself. 

Mikey found himself engaged in negative activities as a youth, which ironically led him to joining the Air Force. He served 4 and a half years before leaving as a decorated veteran. (Thanks for your service Mikey!)

After his time with the military he unfortunately found himself where many of our veterans find themselves. Out of work and homeless. However, Mikey overcame the odds against him and got back into tattooing. He even owned a shop of his own back in Kansas City. Below are some questions we asked Mikey to get a better idea of who he is!

Do you have a plan in the event of the zombie apocalypse?

(Mikey Laughs) You know, it may sound bad, but I’m going to find the biggest house I can, storm it, and fortify it. I’d want to do it as close as possible, but it more than likely would be in the mountains. 

What’s been your favorite part about Colorado so far?

Smothered burritos are by far my favorite part of about moving to Colorado. Santiagos in particular. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a gamer man. I primarily play Call of Duty. At the moment its Call Of Duty Modern Warefare, but I’m excited for Call Of Duty Cold War to release. I played the Beta and it was pretty fun, more fun than Modern Warefare even. I actually used to compete with a team comprised of Military vets and their wives. At one point we were about 200 strong. 

Other than that, I like to lift weights. I was actually on “Power Pro Wrestling” for a year. It aired on channel 4. I went by the name “Loco”. I was the body guard for Bill “Superstar” Dundee. 

What made you stop?

It came down to tattooing or wrestling full time, and I chose to tattoo. 

What’s your favorite cereal now, and what was your favorite growing up?

My favorite growing up was “Honey Nut Cheerios”, but I’d say my favorite now is “Frosted Mini Wheats”. 

What’s a fashion decision you fully regret from your past?

(Mikey Laughs again) Oh man, I had a mullet back in high school (84'-87'), so definitely that. It was actually a Mullet/Jerry Curl mix! 

What’s the ideal midnight snack?

Cheez-its definitely. 

Mikey is a 26 year professional tattooist who’s worked all over the country including states like: Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohia, Alabama, and now Colorado. He’s also a “Carnival of Ink” Award winning artist (2nd place for best watercolor) and a published artist in Central City Ink (CCI) Magazine. 

Check out some of his work below and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram: [at]Mikeytatts69.  

No need to wait any longer than you already have! Book your FREE consultation with Mikey now! Click the button below to start your journey to your next dream tattoo!

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