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Kelly Krantz



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The Illustrator



Kelly Krantz is a tattoo artist in Boulder, CO. Kelly was born in Fullerton California (Home of the Fender guitar) in 1969.


If you were to ask Kelly where his artistic journey began he’d say, “This is the story: I was home and was around 4 years old. I was really good at playing hooky, so I stayed home from school a lot.  So I’m home and I was watching Cartoons. One of my favorite cartoons actually, Tom and Jerry. And I just decided, I’m going to figure out how to draw Tom and Jerry. A lot of my influences come from what was in front of me cartoon wise.”


As he got older he began to notice tattoos. Friends were getting them and one friend in particular would bring up the subject. “We’d go to LA and see Ed Hardy’s Tattoo Time Books. That was my first exposure to the whole culture.”


He recalls doing “Stick and Pokes” at a young age, but didn’t find himself in a tattoo shop until much later on.


Kelly moved to San Francisco in 1994 to pursue a career as a comic book illustrator, and even spent some time drawing for Marvel Comics (Yes, that Marvel Comics) however due to a downturn in the comic book industry and a rekindling in the interest of doing tattoos, accompanied with a few well timed visits with various friends, Kelly found himself in Austin, TX doing tattoos, and then in New York doing them.


Learn more about Kelly from our Interview with him, check out some of his work, and Book a FREE Consultation with him below.



So you used to draw for Marvel Comics, we’ve got to ask who is your favorite marvel super hero?


Dr. Doom the Anti-Hero. I liked that he was a typical villain, but I remember an origin story that was done of him, and in the story he was very single minded in doing evil, but his goal was to elevate his country. I just really enjoyed the duality behind it. Second favorite is Thanos for the same reason.


What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

 Star Trek. I watched it a lot as a kid.


It’s Saturday morning and you’re a kid again, what’s breakfast look like?

Reluctantly Cheerios, just one bowl. Generally anything without sugar.


 Do you have any other hobbies?

Video Games. Currently I’m playing Diablo 2 resurrected.


 What’s something you think people are surprised to learn about you?

My Age. Typically that’s the shocker.


 Best Pizza place in New York?

I can’t remember the name of the first, but second best is John’s Pizza in the Western Village. The Top one would be like across the street from that one on the corner, but it’s just like a grab and go spot.


 What’s your favorite thing to tattoo and why? What’s your favorite body part to tattoo?

I’d say a Dragon because dragons are cool. And as for body part, I can’t say I have a favorite, but my least favorite is definitely the A**. It’s too mushy.



Check out Kelly’s work below and give him a follow on Instagram at [at]Kelly_krantz


Don’t wait any longer! Book your FREE consultation with Kelly right now at the button below!

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