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Jorge Rivas

(Gallery Below)

Jorge Rivas is a tattoo artist in Boulder, CO.

The Boulder Native

Jorge was born at Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder, CO on December 23rd, 1990. 


While he’s always been creative, he began drawing after being inspired by drawings that his older sister would do and give to him. 


When he was 13, he decided he wanted to be the first middle schooler he knew to have a tattoo. With this ambition he created a tattoo gun made from a VHS rewinder and a bent spoon, a paperclip, some glue, a string and a needle (See picture of it below). Once he tested it and it worked, he proceeded to give himself a tattoo. The letter “B” in Old English style lettering on his calf, in honor of his nickname at the time. 


Now he’s a member of the DreamHouse team and is ready to help dream tattoos become a reality. Check out our interview with Jorge below. 



What’s your dream car?

"Aw man, to be honest, Nissan Silva S 15."


Alive or Dead: If you could put a list of 5 celebrities together to hang out with, who would it be?

  1. Dan Pena

  2. Joe Rogan

  3. Paul Walker 

  4. George Washington

  5. 2pac


What was the best concert you ever went to and why?

It was definitely “The Game” at the Fox Theater in Boulder. IT WAS LIT! I was front row, he brought all these gorgeous women on stage, threw money, and downed an entire bottle of Grey Goose in one sitting on stage.  


Where do you want to travel to next?

I want to go to Rome. I’d like to see the ancient roman aqueducts and dive more into Michelangelo's work. I really want to see the sculptures too. Oh, I’d also like to go to the Vatican and see the Sistine Chapel.


What’s your favorite book and why?

It’s a weird one, but it’s called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. It's a different book that uses the connection of Earth, God, and the core principals of manifestation to help bring success. 

If you could give the “you” from 10 years ago advice, what would you say?

 If you like/love something, do it. Never give up. And be aware of opportunities.  Learn to delegate as well and be willing to branch out/expand.



You can see Jorge's work below, and be sure to give his a follow on Instagram under: [at]merctattoos

Why wait? Get your FREE consultation booked with Jorge now! Click the button below to secure your spot!

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