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Jordan Lucky



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The Creative Genius



Jordan Lucky is a neo traditional tattoo artist in Boulder, CO.  He was born December 29th, 1991 in Longmont, CO.


Jordan began drawing when he was old enough to hold a pencil. “It was always something that helped me get through hard moments or just let my emotions go wild on paper.” Growing up he was a quiet kid so drawing gave him a place to express himself without any outside judgment.


When he was 7, he got his first glimpse of what he wanted to do with his craft.


“I remember my brother coming home with a back tattoo. From that moment on, I always pictured being able to draw on people's skin and give them the joy that art brought me. It was so interesting to me that you could color your skin.”



If you could only eat 1 thing for the rest of your life, what type of food would it be? 

 "I guess my favorite food would have to be steak and shrimp or a good street taco. "


What inspires you when you lack creative motivation?

"Watching people’s success, or happiness really helps gets me through artist blocks. Some days are worse than others, but now as a professional artist, it drives me to fight through the lack of motivation that comes with life. Watching people feel better about themselves or simply just happy to see artwork on them is what keeps me going in this job or industry if you will. The day I can't do that for people is the day I stop growing as a person, and as an artist."


What’s your favorite TV Series?

Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of media. If I were to pick one thing in the media aspect, I'd have to just choose podcasts. I get way more out of them than watching a TV show or movie. 

In that case, what’s your favorite podcast?

"That is so hard… I’ll go ahead and say “Getting Better podcast” with Ron Funches."

What is your favorite clothing brand?

"Favorite clothing brand would have to be my own, Thirteen Mag. If I were to choose another that's not mine, it's an easy answer, Lucky 13 clothing company."

What’s something on your bucket list that you have yet to cross off?

 "It's always been on my bucket list to work with kids, and teach them some form of artwork and run classes to teach kids how important it is to never let their creative side of their mind die off."

What’s your favorite part about Colorado?

 "My favorite part about Colorado is just simply that we push people to be creative here, and tend to be way more open to new ideas. Colorado is very special in that regard."


You can see Jordan’s work below, and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram under: [at]Jordanluckytattoos

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