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Jeremy is a tattoo artist in Boulder, CO. He is unambiguous in his style as he's able to do new school, traditional, neo traditional, west coast black and grey, etc... 


He was born in Austin, TX on July 5, 1993. He lived in Austin until the age of 5, when he moved to Boulder with his mother. His first home was located right off of Pearl Street, behind the popular and historical, Papa J’s Italian restaurant.


Jeremy began drawing as a child by tracing his favorite pictures in comic books. Ghost Rider was his favorite to trace because of the skulls. 


Although that lead him to having an affinity for art, tattooing wasn’t something necessarily on his artistic trajectory. In fact he’d tried multiple different artistic pathways that included audio engineering/music, and film and video, along with graphic design, and good old fashion painting. He’d attempt to set up his canvases on Pearl Street or “The Hill” in Boulder, and try to sell it to the locals. Unfortunately his attempts with this followed the same lead as many others who’d come before him in that fashion. 

Eventually Jeremy was working a standard 9-5 as a compound technician and was “Absolutely miserable” doing so. One day while getting a tattoo he was approached by the shop owner and asked if he’d like to do an apprenticeship. The owner had seen his work via IG (Instagram) and felt that he had potential. Jeremy accepted the apprenticeship.

This lead to him both, working as a compound technician, and doing his apprenticeship. With his increased workload he slept for about 3 hours a night for around 4-5 months. 

Since then he’s ventured off and created two shops of his own, DreamHouse Tattoo and its sister store located on the infamous Pearl Street mall in Boulder, DreamCity Tattoos and Piercing. He is currently available for booking at DreamCity. Below are some questions Jeremy was asked, so that you may hopefully get a better feel of who he is outside of being a tattoo shop owner/artist. You can also check out his work below, along with start the contact process for booking.


What are your favorite types of tattoos to do?

"I really enjoy doing traditional. The combination of beauty, simplicity, boldness of imagery, and the attention to detail all make it my favorite style." 

What kinds of music do you like listening to?

"90’s Hip-Hop is my favorite.  My favorite artists tend to be revolving, but I can always rely on Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane, Tech n9ne and Wu-Tang Clan. Method man’s my favorite in the Wu." 


Method Man or Redman?



What is the ideal sandwich and if it’s not homemade, who makes it?

"A regular homemade slice of bologna, Kraft cheese, Miracle Whip, and Heinz Mustard, on two pieces of Wonder Bread." 

What was the first concert you ever went to?

"Believe it or not it was mine with a local rap group I was in called Cronik Pyros (He laughs).  My favorite concert was a Tech n9ne pop up show he did for his 40th birthday. It was the “Darkness Show. He did an exclusive set list that was different from the one he’d been doing on tour and said it wouldn’t be preformed again. It was at the Aggie In FT. Collins."

Cake, pie, or are you a robot?

"My Mimaw’s Peach Cobbler."

What is your favorite horror movie?

"28 Days Later."

What is your favorite TV shows?

"The Walking Dead and Friends."

Check out some of Jeremy’s Work below and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram: [at]Zilatattoos 

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