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Jack Mora



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Boulder, CO Tattoo artist Jack Mora, tattooing a client.

The Nomad



Jack is a tattoo artist in Boulder, CO. He was born on April 28th 1994 at Foothills Community Hospital in Boulder, CO.


While in military school at the age of 15 he began to develop an interest in drawing. “That’d be a cool tattoo”, was a regular phrase Jack would hear from friends when he’d draw them pictures. This made sense as most of Jack’s inspiration for art came from tattoos.  “It was a Christian boarding school”, Jack recalls. “Once a month we’d go to Wal-Mart, and while we were there I’d rip pages out of tattoo magazines and then see if I could draw them secretly. They’d get found eventually though and ripped up."


One could say it was in the cards for Jack to do art in some fashion as everyone in his family participates in some various form of artistic expression and his father was an arts and science teacher for 40 years.



Jack is now available for booking at DreamHouse Tattoo. Learn more about Jack, see some of his work, and book a FREE consultation with him below.




You’ve traveled quite a bit, where’s your favorite place you’ve gone, and why?


I can’t necessarily lock down places that I love. It’s more the experiences. Fantasy fest in key-west was awesome. It was the first time I hitch hiked and I lived on a sailboat for two weeks. It was just an awesome experience of partying on an Island and living on a boat.


I’ve been back and forth between the US over 20 times at least.



How do you like to pass the time when you’re not tattooing?

 Hunting, fly fishing, blacksmithing, leatherwork, and Traveling.



What’s a piece of advice you’d give to young Jack given the opportunity?

 Keep pursuing your art and read more.


 What’s your favorite desert? From anywhere in particular?

 And order of beignets from Café Dumonde in New Orleans’ French Quarter


Give us a childhood obsession. Video Game? Movie? Band? Etc…

 Tony Hawk pro skater 3 on Playstation 1. Still have my exact pS1 and that exact game.


 What’s a solid piece of break-up advice that you’d recommend?

Keep it civil.


 Where’s one place you haven’t gone yet, but would like to go?

North sentinel Island.



Check out Jack’s work below and give him a follow on Instagram at [at]Jackmora_art


 Stop waiting! Book a FREE consultation with Jack right now at the button below!

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