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Combination Brows

Microbladed eyebrows before and after by Boulder, CO Microblader Jessica Lamorie..jpeg
Eyebrow Shading Before and After by Boulder, CO Microblader, Jessica Lamorie.jpeg
Microblading examples before and after by Boulder, CO Microblader, Jessica Lamorie..jpeg

What are combination brows? 


If you guessed that Combination brows (or combo brows) are a Microblading and Shading combo, then you get a gold star! 


Who’s it for? 


Combination brows may be for you if you: 

  • Prefer the filled in makeup look (“Instagram brows”)

  • Have dense and/or uneven eyebrows

  • Still want the “natural look” of some hair-like strokes at the front of your brows

  • Or D) all of the above.


How do I proceed?


Click here to book a free consultation with Jessica. 


Still have additional questions/concerns not addressed that you’d like to ask prior to setting up a consultation? Contact Jessica at

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