Ciera High

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Ciera High is a tattoo artist in Boulder, CO.

The Traveler

Ciera was born on Oct. 9, 1994 at Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder Colorado. 


She started drawing in high school at Broomfield High. “I was just messing around in class and it felt right, just very natural.”


Her tattoo journey began when she was younger because she’d see her friends get tattooed  and always felt like she could do a better job. She also carried an innate sense that her life was leading her to tattoo. 


Her journey has led her to DreamHouse as our current apprentice. Check out her interview below. 



Did Covid-19 lockdowns teach you anything about the world or yourself? If so, what?

 "Nothing that I can think of… Covids Wack though. 

America can be pretty wack too…"


What’s your go to comfort food?

 "Mac and Cheese. Specifically Annie’s white cheddar with the shells. It costs a dollar and tastes like my grandma’s house." 


What’s your favorite thing to do outside of tattooing/drawing/art?

 "Play guitar and long board. I really like Globe long boards lately. If you start at Shanahan ridge trailhead and go up, there are some awesome hills to go down. I just love cruising." 


Yes, you play guitar and sing! Who are 3 of your favorite bands and what inspired you to play?

 "Igorrr, Days N Daze, and Johnny Cash. I started playing because one of my old roommates pushed it on me. I lived in a house with other creatives who played all the time, so I just picked it up. Pretty much peer pressure. Back when I would train hop I found a guitar and would use it as a drum." 


Who is someone that you’d like to meet before you (Or they) die?

 "My tattoo Idol [at]rockinrabbit on Instagram. (I don’t know her actual name) She’s in South Korea. Her style is so crazy. "


What was your least favorite job you had prior to tattooing?

 "Definitely has to be as a dishwasher at “Shine” in Boulder, CO." 


You can see Ciera's work below, and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram under: [at]cierahighart

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Panda Tattoo
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Pyramid Head Tattoo from Silent Hill
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Spike Spiegal tattoo from Cowboy Bebop
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Butterfly tattoo and Poppy Flower Tattoo
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No face tattoo, Spirited Away Tattoo
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Berserk Tattoo (Anime Tattoo)
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Cat tattoo with 3rd eye Tattoo
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Sunflower tattoo and Boot tattoo
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